Coryza is a kind of infection of the upper respiratory tract and very often seen in racing pigeons. The coryza affection can have several causes and is usually a combination of different disorders which work together:

  • a viral herpes infection
  • a bacterial Chlamydophila infection
  • a mycoplasma infection
  • a bacterial E. coli infection

In case of an infection we can see a quick deterioration of the condition and performance of the sick pigeons. A bad hygiene, less ventilation and an overpopulation on the loft are the main reasons for these respiratory problems. In case of chronic respiratory problems the treatment can be difficult; only a long treatment will give a good result.

Clinical symptoms

  • In the beginning the pigeons are not very ill
  • Bad flying performances
  • Sneeze, filthy noses
  • Open beck
  • Rattling respiration
  • Eye infections and festering nose flow
  • In some cases we can see a big head (feathers around the ears are standing up)

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In case of illness:

  • Either 1 sachet of Ornicure per 2 litres of deionized drinking water during 8 days.
  • Or 1 measuring spoon of Amoxicure per litre of non-calcareous water during 8 days.

As prevention:

  • Regularly (every 2 or 3 weeks) after a flight administer Ornicure or Amoxicure during 2 to 3 days.
  • If necessary, prior to the racing season, provide a preventive cure during minimum 8 days.

Important tips:

  • In case of respiratory problems always verify if there is no secondary infection with trichomonosis and, if necessary, treat that as well.
  • No minerals, grit, salt or iron preparations during treatment with Ornicure.
  • For the preparation of Ornicure use always non-calcareous water.
  • After a treatment it may be recommendable to administer B-Chol during a few days.