Young pigeon disease

The last few years we see more and more problems with our young pigeons. Mostly we see a combination of an infection with the adenovirus and the E.coli bacteria. The adenovirus type I damages the intestinal cells whereby an environment with a lot of proteins provides the ideal circumstances for a strong growth of the E.coli bacteria. This E.coli, which overgrows the normal intestinal flora, can produce toxins which can reach the blood and cause an intoxication. The young pigeons become sick and sometimes they even die.

Recently we also see more and more combined infections of circovirus and adenovirus. Due to the circovirus young pigeons are also increasingly harmed by common infections. In addition we notice more frequently the combination of E.coli and streptococcus.

Clinical symptoms

  • A full struma and a bad digestion
  • Vomiting
  • Green, slimy droppings
  • A bad appetite and a poor condition
  • Sometimes death

Pigeon liver: intranuclear inclusions of an adenovirus I infection
Photo: Poultry and Special Animal Diseases
Veter. Medical School University Ghent


In case of illness:

At the first clinical signs of a young pigeon disease it is advisable to treat 7 to 8 days with Theraprim (1 sachet or 1 measuring spoon per 2 litres of water) and Tricho Plus (1 sachet or 1 measuring spoon per 2 litres of water). At the same time we can administer a prebiotic on the food during 7 to 8 days (e.g. Colombine Digestal: 1 measuring spoon per kg of food).

As support:

To stimulate the local resistance/immunity in the intestinal tract, administer two or three times a week Ecocure (10 ml per liter drinking water).

Important tips:

  • At the first signs of an infection start immediately with a treatment of the complete loft.
  • During illness feed all the pigeons a light protein low diet.
  • Allow the young pigeons some rest before resuming the flights.